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Wenzhou Zhaozhuang Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of enameled wire stripping-free piercing terminal, motor copper-clad aluminum, copper, aluminum enameled wire end and power lead-out welding new scheme, using the paint-free piercing terminal crimping process, Five processes, such as lacquering, winding, dip flux, immersion tin, trimming head, etc., can be energized with one pressure, saving money and labor, making the environmental protection of production process and production products reach the international advanced level and improving Production efficiency. The workers' stripping machine, tin furnace and tin dust equipment are all in the province. As the country becomes more and more strict with environmental protection, this process directly subverts the soldering process. The products are used in motors and motors, air conditioner motors, exhaust motors, capacitor motors. , range hood motor, DC brushless motor, small AC and DC motor, water pump, air compressor, washing machine, generator, transformer, power tools, etc.
Our company has developed the latest enamelled wire stripping-free piercing terminal, which does not require stripping and soldering, so that the process of enameled wire and aluminum enameled wire is more environmentally friendly and simple. Reduce production, reduce production processes and labor, and greatly improve production efficiency. This product can be used to change the welding or riveting process of the original stripping of copper and aluminum enameled wires. It can realize one-time crimping and conduction, and the electrical performance is stable. Compared with the original process, it saves time and labor. Environmentally friendly, non-polluting, and more stable performance, fully meet the ROHS directive requirements. Currently, the product is widely used by many manufacturers of electrical and mechanical equipment and related enameled wire connection products. The piercing terminal is adapted to connect the double-stranded or multi-strand enameled wire in parallel with the power lead-out wire, and the production and operation of the terminal block and the copper and aluminum paint stripping terminal (anti-oxidation, good electrical performance). In addition, our company specializes in producing automatic scraping machine, computer stripping machine, peeling and ending machine, automatic peeling and ending machine, cable tie tightening machine, servo terminal machine, fully automatic eight-head dip tinning machine, off Wire harness processing equipment such as paint machine and various terminal connectors, welcome new and old customers to inquire.

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