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screen plating plaque is: the first with copper silk screen graphic art made expressly with the protection of non-graphic part of the ink layer, and then graphic portion of copper, nickel, chrome plating, mechanical final shaping, machining and protection to make.
Conical screen dial

Conical screen dial methods: first with silk screen printed graphic will turn to rubber top, and then the conical part attached to the jig, and then rolled over from the transfer of rubber, so you can print the graphic to the surface of the conical part.
Melamine oxidation signs

Anodic oxidation showed signs of melamine enamel-like surface, soft colors, has good resistance to resistance, high hardness, you wear resistance, heat insulation insulation, etc., it is decorated instrumentation share. Making process will be contaminated exhaust emissions, and therefore the device must be equipped with exhaust ventilation to avoid poisoning. Melamine surface treatment of the signs and silk screen sandblasting paint signs embedded substantially the same, but do not need to enter through the chemical polishing, a direct oxidation. Melamine signs of oxidative dyeing and silk screen signs aluminum oxide colored different.
Silk screen signs aluminum oxide

Material:Metal,Aluminum,Anodized Aluminum,Brass,Stainless Steel,Polycarbonate,Polyester,Vinyl.

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