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Different items with different types of packaging paper
??Packaged snack foods and powdered food low intensity kraft paper, the inner surface is coated. Paper bag shape and is generally flat pillow-shaped bags. Packing sugar, flour and other food grains made of high strength kraft paper, packaging made of heavy attack. 3-6 layer kraft paper bags made to overlap, can withstand 20-50 kilograms per bag. Bag inner - village moisture barrier. There are two methods of bag stitching and gluing. Large food bag with open-ended square-bonded structure.
??Processing of paper is a paper for reprocessing or reprocessing to improve the technical performance required. General processing method is on the paper surface coated (polyethylene plastic) and wax. Sulfuric acid paper (also known as parchment) is a sulfuric acid process. After paper processed increased moisture, air tightness, oil resistance and mechanical strength, in order to meet the oily food, frozen food, food and many other oxidation protection requirements. Lists commonly used in food packaging and processing of paper. High strength kraft paper is used as the inner and outer cardboard. They form corrugated board and corrugated paper, corrugated box for processing purposes. Corrugated board is divided into single-sided corrugated cardboard, corrugated cardboard single, double and triple corrugated cardboard corrugated board four. Food packaging using corrugated boxes generally use a single corrugated board manufacturing, fruit, vegetable crates required to withstand greater weight must be used high strength corrugated paperboard, single-sided corrugated cardboard used as a buffer or as a liner for corrugated boxes bulkhead. Packaged food or water moisture food, corrugated board coated on both sides waterproofing coating to improve its water resistance and wet strength.

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